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traditional-to-modern agency


“It’s not about what you do, but how you do it.” says the young entrepreneur and founder of VAYA MEDIA, Vineet Ramani. He is an extremely zealous person with distinguished leadership qualities who believes that practical knowledge is the best kind of knowledge. He was in Mumbai for a subsequent amount of time to get his college education where he also learned about digital marketing. He was inspired to go forward in the field and was offered an attractive job offer related to the same, but he chose to come back to his native state and help Chhattisgarh’s businesses go digital. Vaya Media was born out of Vineet’s aspiration of modernizing businesses all over the world. Vaya Media already has clients from all over the country and overseas and is looking forward to branching out further.  He believes in revolutionizing the business world from traditional to modern by inspiring businesses to go digital and cope with the changing times, hence creating a brand identity for them. 

We create magic but we like listing things

Vaya media is a unique amalgamation of innovation and ideation. It is a traditional-to-modern agency that focuses on Branding and Marketing. It was started in the year 2019 with a vision of modernizing the traditional business patterns in India through Digital Marketing. Vaya stands leaps and bounds ahead of where it started in 2019. Over the years it has successfully created a trusted platform for its National and International clients. 

We are 360 Degree Digital Marketing company based in Raipur Chattisgarh

Brand Building

Vaya helps you to get through your struggling period by using effective branding and creating a niche for what you do.


Vaya helps you to get through your struggling At Vaya, our main focus is visibility for our clients. What kind of wings can we give to the brand?

Brand Stories

Every brand has a story that is inspiring and motivating. However, to sell these stories we add an ‘x’ factor to it.

Content Creation

We build content which is catchy, creative and at the same time especially catered to your brand. By using the shortest words possible, we can convey a world of possibilities.


Web Designing is a way to present your ideas through words, graphics, visuals and one liners.

Influencer marketing:

We put together a platform for our clients to utilize tools of marketing that will help them reach the maximum audience possible.


Proudly Saying That We Are

Team of Creatives

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Vineet Ramani


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    Tanay Begani

    Team Leader


      Akansha Bhagwani

      Operations Head

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      Deepak Panigrahi

      Sr. Creative Designer


        Anurag Bagde

        SEO Strategist & Web Developer

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        Nikita Vaidya

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        Bhavya Bhagwani

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        Nidhi Dhanwani

        Case Study


        ROLLS, CAMERA, ACTION! Is a Navi Mumbai based bollywood themed food outlet whose claim to fame is their rolls. Started in june of 2019, RCA has captured a lot of attention because of its unique name and theme. Their menu is inspired from blockbuster bollywood flicks and is quite likable because of its quirky vibe. Though in the start, the outlet didn’t get quite attention because of its site, it’s located in a narrow lane which makes it easy for it to go unnoticed. Thats where vaya media comes in, To make them a household name and to raise them to the fame they should get, vaya media worked towards getting them familiar with online delivery apps and social media platforms to increase their reach and to popularize their interesting theme amongst the locals. Advertisement campaigns that lived up to the Bollywood extravaganza were of the essence to create an impact on the mind of consumers.

        Pahlajani women’s hospital

        Pahlajani women’s hospital is a Super Speciality Fertility center based in Raipur, India.. They deal with all aspects of men and women infertility including IVF Treatment, IUI Treatment, ICSI, PESA, TESA and Surrogacy to name a few. The center is dedicated to helping complete a couple’s family and bring Joy to their home.  The head of this institute, DR. Neeraj Pahlajani became our client in january of 2020. She’s one of the most renowned gynecology specialist in the medical community, and has an impressive number of successful procedures under her name. Vaya media handles the 360 degree digital media platforms of Dr. pahlajani including Youtube, instagram and facebook.  After vaya took over her digital media, she gained over 270k subscribers in the short span of a year on her youtube channel and even got verified, making her one of the only doctors that has a verified youtube channel in the state of chhattisgarh.  Vaya media looks after the complete social media presence of Dr. Neeraj pahlajani and keeps on evolving the strategy to ensure that she can help the people who need it. This is the story of Dr. pahlajani, a master of her field, who with Vaya media that wants to help thousands of couples realise their dream of becoming parents.

        Allons public school

        Allons public school is located in Bemetra is a  school with a vision, aimed at creating citizens of a global civilization. Child-Parent-Teacher interaction is an important part of the School. Allons impart modern education and aims at high academic standards. It has an excellent infrastructure, serene atmosphere for learning . The teaching programs are designed to provide individual attention and group learning which enables the child to acquire a strong foundation. Allons became a client of Vaya media in april of 2020. Initially they were looking for SEO based content to highlight their institution.  Vaya media helped them rise their rankings as a boarding school and to get the title of the best boarding school in Raipur and in Chhattisgarh. Social media plays a big role in this, Vaya media uses the tools and techniques available on the internet to reach and maintain a connection with the parents of the students. This is done by continuously conducting a thorough research to understand the perspective of a child and their parents. In today’s world, if one wants to be recognised they need a website and thats exactly what vaya media provided, a well informative and decent profile of the school in a website so parents and guardians could connect to it. 

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